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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register on Der Hammerstein?

Registration is very simple; just select the register button at the top of the page or alternatively, click here to be taken to our registration page. It only takes 2 minutes to register to start using Der Hammerstein today!

I've Registered but i can't log in.  What should I do?

Der Hammerstein sends out an authentication e-mail to make sure that the e-mail address is valid so the first thing to check is to make sure you've received this and selected the link to confirm registration.  Make sure to check your spam folder because this can sometimes be sent there rather than your primary inbox.  If you have done thing but still can't log in, try resetting your password by following the 'Forgot password' link on the login page.  A temporary password will be issues that you can use to log in.  If all else fails, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

I'm a dealer; how do I register to sell through Der Hammerstein?

First of all, you need to register as a user to gain access to our User Portal. One you've registered, you can locate the register as a dealer link to the bottom of the page. It is here that you can view our terms and conditions and register your interest in becoming a dealer with Der Hammerstein.

I'm a collector; how do I register to sell through Der Hammerstein?

At present Der Hammerstein does not support the ad hoc sale of specimens by collectors in order to guarantee a consistent flow of specimens through the auctions. However, if you are a collector and can commit to the terms and conditions, we would be happy to hear from you.


What will my personal data be used for on Der Hammerstein?

Der Hammerstein Limited promises to use personal data responsibly and will not share your personal information with any 3rd parties outside of Der Hammerstein. Der Hammerstein will only share personal data with registered dealers, at the point of successful purchase. Data provided in this instance is limited to Full name, Shipping address and E-mail address. For your protection, Der Hammerstein recommends the use of Paypal for all transactions.

For more information, please review our privacy policy.


What Payment methods does Der Hammerstein accept?

Der Hammerstein is, at its core, an auction platform and as such, we do not take payments on behalf of the dealers. Payment terms are defined by each individual dealer and can be found on their seller page or profile. As a general rule of thumb, we encourage the use of Paypal, or other similar, protected payment methods while actively discouraging cash on collection or other unsecured payment methods. In the unlikely event you are asked by a dealer to pay using a method you are uncomfortable with, please report the situation to us and we will investigate.

I have paid for an item but noticed that after conversion, the price I paid via PayPal is different to the approximate value advertised on Der Hammerstein.  Why is this?

Sellers on Der Hammerstein are provided the option to sell in one of 3 currencies; Euro, pound sterling (GBP) or US Dollar (USD), however, since buyers are located around the world, Der Hammerstein facilitates a basic conversion feature to give you, the buyer, an approximate purchase value.  This value is supplied directly from HMRC and is updated on a weekly basis to try and ensure that the conversion displayed is as close to the real exchange rate as possible.  However, Paypal does not use this conversion, instead using their own rates for conversion.  The values should still be relatively close, however, there will always be a natural deviation in price.  This is why Der Hammerstein advises that these prices after conversion are approximate.


How much will it cost to ship an item?

All dealers are required to provide a shipping policy which can be located on their dealer page or profile. Please bear in mind that dealers on Der Hammerstein are located around the world and by virtue of this fact, shipping costs can vary wildly. In some instances, it can be worth contacting the dealer to see if they will hold a shipment for consolidation purposes to reduce the overall cost.


I bought a specimen but it was damaged. What should I do?

It's always disappointing when something arrives damaged, especially in the instance of a mineral specimen. While we always encourage our dealers to package their specimens carefully, accidents happen so first of all, please bear this in mind.

Before pulling the specimen out and discarding of the packaging, it is important to take a photo of the packaging and specimen in situ. By recording this, we get an idea of the nature and possible reason behind the damage. Most dealers have a returns policy and, armed with this evidence, the first step should always be to contact them directly and explain the situation. More often than not, this is all that is required and a resolution can be found.

However, in the rare situation of an issue not being resolved by this course of action, Der Hammerstein will act as an intermediary in order to find a resolution. If this occurs, we will request details of the transaction as well as the images of the packaging and specimen in situ. We will be unable to adequately resolve issues if these images are not provided.

I bought a specimen but it was not as described. What should I do?

Like damage, it is very disappointing to receive a specimen that has been incorrectly described or misidentified. However, unlike damage, this can sometimes not be discovered immediately.

For instances where the specimen is not as described, we encourage you to report this as soon as possible. Leaving it too long can adversely affect the credibility of your concerns. First of all, take photos that highlight the issue then communicate directly with the dealer. In most instances, this will be an honest mistake and can be quickly rectified, however, should the issue not be resolved, you should report the issue to Der Hammerstein so that we can investigate.

I bought a specimen but it was misidentified. What should I do?

Identification of species, especially rare ones, is a tricky business. Most dealers will guarantee identify of a species, however, this isn't always possible. Should you be concerned, it is always best to communicate with the dealer directly to discuss the situation and as always, should a situation arise that cannot be resolved immediately, we are always on hand to help.

I bought a specimen but I've changed my mind. Can I return the item?

In many countries, including the UK, law dictates the use of Distance Selling Regulations (DSR). Distance Selling Regulations apply where an item is not physically available for inspection prior to payment. However, it should be noted that DSR is applicable only to items bought through a 'Buy It Now' transaction. Items bought through an auction are not covered under the DSR regulations.

If you purchase an item using 'Buy it now' and you change your mind for whatever reason within 7 working days of receipt, you are entitled to a full refund. Beyond this period, a suitable reason for return must be provided. The dealer is well within their right to reject a return request if they are not provided an adequate reason and the 7 day 'cooling off' period has passed.

Since Der Hammerstein is a UK based company, we require dealers to conform to the DSR regulations stipulated by the UK authorities, as a bare minimum.

I've agreed to return an item however the dealer is telling me I need to pay for shipping. Is that right?

It can be frustrating to hear this so the first thing to do is check the terms and conditions for the dealer.

If you, the buyer, have changed your mind and cancelled an order within the 'cooling off' period, then you have to cover return postage as long as the dealer stipulated this was a requirement before the purchase.

So for you to be responsible for the return postage cost, the dealer has to have made that information clear beforehand within their terms and conditions.

However, if the items are not as described, damaged etc and this has been agreed outright, then the dealer must cover the cost of return shipping.

I've tried contacting a dealer about an issue but have not received a response. How long should I wait?

As with any issue, it is necessary to provide adequate response times for all parties. From the initial report of an issue, we recommend giving the dealer at least 5 working days to respond. If you have raised an issue with a dealer and you do not receive a response within this period, you should escalate the issue to us, detailing the nature of the issue as well as forwarding any correspondence.


For all other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at